Ar. Lim Take Bane

Arkitek Shilpa

Principal Architect

Ar. Lim Take Bane studied architecture in Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom. He trained and worked as a professional chartered architect in the United Kingdom (1976 - 1984). Take Bane hails from Kuala Lumpur and was schooled at St John's Institution, KL. He is a Fellow of the Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) or Malaysian Institute of Architects, a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), a founding council member of the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) and a council member of Badan Warisan Malaysia or Heritage Trust of Malaysia. He has taught theory of architecture at the Faculty of the Built Environment - Department of Architecture, University of Malaya. He is a practising architect with his own firm of Arkitek Shilpa. He advocates built heritage conservation as a viable option for sustainability and continuity in architecture, through emphasizing the history of a heritage building, plus amplifying the inherent ‘sense of place’ of a location. His keen interest in built heritage conservation was sparked by his time in the UK and his return to work in this region of Southeast Asia.