Reclaiming Kampung Sembulan

Kampung Sembulan existed informally many years ago as an outcome of the people building for their needs, but under the formal jurisdiction of the state, Kampung Sembulan is not a lawful existence, hence, these indigenous people in Kampung Sembulan were not given the land title but instead, lease term for their temporary stay until there is further planning by the state. This has results its underdevelopment. In response, the design came to the resolution of humanistic design approach and building the site from the existing footprints. In order to ease the complex networks and relationships in an urban slums, a phasing plans system for village is proposed, suggesting how improvement can be made over time, realistically. Otherwise, any development that is drastic, massive, or ambitious suggest displacement, disregards & insensitivity to the local's livelihoods. The transformation of an urban slums requires the willingness of the People to stand up for themselves & participate in the works as well as the technical support from the Professional and the political approval from the local authority.

Jeff Ong Seng Peng

Taylor’s University