Remembrance of Selangor Former Royal Town: The Jugra Tourism Hub

Royal towns in Malaysia are significant to unique heritage identity. However, the ‘Royal Town’ existence in Malaysian cities was unclearly defined locally and indirectly led to slowly diminishing of Royal Town cultural heritage.

Jugra, being a former royal town of Selangor facing sudden economic recession, deterioration of the infrastructure and drastic morphology changes in late 20th century after shifting of Royal town. As a result, what appears in the town now bears no resemblance to the rich set of social and economic relationships that existed in the past.

An architectural solution is proposed based on this suburban former royal town of Selangor to stimulate the development of this forgotten Malay Royal town. This architecture solution may not only holistic treatment of economy and social aspects of the town, but also aspects of investigate the way to operationalise in order to strike the thesis aim with all the elements in a former Malay royal Town so it would be a guideline to ignite the other faded or fading Malay Royal Town in Malaysia. Furthermore, Jugra Tourism Hub in its unique Riparian site setting also functions as a catalyst to bridge the heritage trails where a new perspective of construction in coastal forest is introduced to provide a sensible way of construction that could achieve balance between structure and nature.

Teoh Ling Sin

University of Malaya