Clothes City

Poetry and memories. The city, stretched through 9.3 kilometers. Memories that I’ve long forgotten, seems to emerge with the clothings flapping in the wind....

The track will also appear in the sparsely populated alleys, and those clothes are quietly watching everything that happens in the alleys. Spatially, I am within a few steps away from it. We can't seem to feel each other's presence. Only when the wind blew or stopped, did you find it hanging there. Where has it been since I walked into the alley? Or did it just appear quietly at an inadvertent moment?

At the moment of capturing the picture, the clothes fluttered in the wind. Only then did I realize that the residents of the house had been looking at me, a strange passerby, through the window. This experience made me laugh out loud. I remember when I was a child, my parents' room was separated by a walkway. As long as we all opened the door, my mother could see the desk in my room from a certain angle in his room. I always do things other than reading at the desk secretly when she is not paying attention. But when I turned to look at the door of the room, I was surprised to find that he had been observing me for an unknown time.

Cheng Han Hsun

Shih Chien University