Modern Primitive

Changbin relict, the most ancient archaeological site in Taiwan. Thirty coastal caves ranging from 20 meters to 210 meters above sea level scatter on the east side of Coastal range. These caves' excavations can be traced back to multiple era which corelates to their height. Altitude there gives a clue to the scale of time.

However, owing to lack of an overall site plan and communication between three different government agencies, the site was designed patchily. Therefore a comprehensive plan is needed, to reestablish the spirit of this great archaeological finding site in human history.

New tourist center there acts as transitional space between men and nature. Blending with terrain, the center is apparent and hidden below the mountain at the same time, and it is composed to be an intro to the following trial in the forest. In the middle of trial, plants of diversity show how an abundant ecosystem could once supported living of ancient mankind. People get more insight into Paleolithic age by wandering around the trial and the caves.

In the end of the trial, the forbidden Lingyan cave requires a protective engineer which is strong enough to block the falling rock in the cave. Hence, the shell of cave is erected, it serves as a protection and observational platform for both tourists and archeologists. From this cave directly to the seashore, an underground route unveil the history of site.

Tsung Yuan, Hsieh

Chung Yuan Christian University